vivo V20 – A Device With Amazing Features

The O vivo V20 is one of the latest handsets in the mobiles market. It is loaded with all the latest features to make your mobile life better. The major operating system of the handset is Android operating system. The O vivo V20 also has the facility of widgets and dialer which support Windows interface. vivo v20

Connectivity options in the O vivo V20 includes Bluetooth v5, GPS, Wi-Fi, USB Type-C, 3G, USB Type-B, and infrared. Other sensors present in the device include gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light sensors, proximity sensor and in-screen fingerprint sensor. The O vivo V20 comes with a built-in media player that supports MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, and FLV. The handset also comes with a large touch screen and comes with a wallpaper and user applications store. Other connectivity options in the mobiles like USB cable, wireless data cable, headphone jack, USB data cable, micro SD card, etc are present in the O vivo V20 but they are not the most popular ones.

On the other hand, the O vivo V20 comes with a larger battery life than the predecessors of the handset which enables you to enjoy more hours of talk time on a single charge. The battery life of the device is enhanced by the presence of on-screen keys which helps the users to increase the time of their incoming calls. The large battery life also enables the users to enjoy video and music playing features on the device. The O vivo V20 has a user-friendly operating system which makes it easy for the users to navigate through the various options available in the handset.

The O vivo V20 also comes with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner which is located at the upper left corner of the handset along with an eye-tracking ability for the proximity monitoring. The G-Sensor technology that is used in the manufacture of the HTC Evo Shift also allows the users to take photos even when the hands are covered. There is a 5.narghile memory which can be expanded using microSD cards. This facilitates the users to enjoy videos and movies without any interruption. Apart from the memory, the handset also features a high-definition camera which is capable of recording videos in high definition format.

The HTC O vivo V20 also offers users with the option of buying the High Definition Mobile Phone (HDMI) card which can transfer the data from the external storage to the internal memory of the phone. This further enables the users to transfer videos and movies to the HDTV. The octa-core MSMic CPU along with the Atheros AR9000 processor and the Hynix Analog Signal Processor enable the device to transfer the media files from the host computer to the memory. The hardware components of the HTC O vivo V20 includes the Exynos processor along with the Power Matters Graphic Adapter. Other hardware components include the HTC logos, HTC banner, HTC text, HTC icon, HTC home button, USB drive, and capacitive buttons. A 16 mega-ixels camera is also present in the handset.

The HTC O vivo V20 comes with various connectivity options such as the Bluetooth version which has the aptitude for wireless communication through the Bluetooth headset or the Qi wireless version which offers a compact size and the ability to function well when attached to the USB. This device runs on Windows CE and so the users are sure of its reliability as it is a touch screen device. The battery life of the vivo V20 lasts till 7 hours and so it is perfect for those who need constant communication. If you are looking for a mobile phone which has the complete functionality and the high graphical clarity, then you should go for the vivo V20.

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